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Enhancement of efficiency in the public services

The enhancing of public services efficiency is one of the important goals of the Czech Republic in the 2007-2013 programming period and these activities are in accordance with the "Strategy of Smart Administration implementation in 2007-2015". Our services in the enhancing of public service efficiency our provided on two levels:

State service - Efficient administrative authority

For the state service bodies we are providing the preparation and implementation of system measures focused on the enhancement of efficiency of the administrative authorities' work and enhancement of efficiency and quality of their services and processes. An important part of this is the implementation of system measures on the national level with impact on the local public services.

Local government - Efficient authority

In our services for local governments we focus on the implementation of tools for the purpose of controlling the performance quality and efficiency of local governments on regional or municipal level as well as in established and founded organisations.

  • Application of modern methods of performance enhancement, quality and transparency of the public service including the introduction of performance monitoring. The tools we are using include also benchmarking and benchlearning. We help to implement mainly the following systems.

  • Reduction of administrative burden. The main goal is to optimise the administrative burden in order to reduce costs related to the fulfilment of legal regulations on the municipal level.

  • Setting of a system for managing established and founded organisations (ZZO). The main aim is to set such system of ZZO management that would lead to transparent, efficient, and controllable management system.

  • Implementation of a project office. The aim of this service is the enhancement of efficiency of the functioning of an organisation in terms of project management, which is determined by the effort to provide for fault-free and trouble-free implementation of projects as well as a better efficiency fo the related activities.

  • Implementation of a feedback system with the users of public services, including analyses, surveys, and trends leading to a better accessibility and quality of public services.

Martin Havlík 
Manager | Public Sector
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