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“Internal integrated project system” as a complex granting analysis of a municipality

The aim of the Internal integrated project system (IIPS) is to enhance the absorption capacity of a municipality, which shall lead to the saving of municipal resources - the improvement of project proposal database, when qualified consultancy will help the municipality in gaining better overview of actually feasible and available project proposals.


VISP - SchemeIIPS = complex analysis and evaluation of investment projects of a municipality, their impact on the municipal budget, evaluation of the preparedness of projects in technical and administrative terms, addition of further potential projects to the existing database - such that may receive granting from structural funds - and further related services.


The subject of IIPS can be also extended to project proposals of municipal budget organisations or other subjects (i.e. non-profit organisations that run a partnership with the municipality or carry out mutual projects, micro-regions, clusters of communities, etc.).


IIPS outputs


The main output of IIPS is a list of project proposals of the municipality recommended to implementation including their impact on the municipal budget in a brief and clear form for the purposes of the municipal representatives (municipal council, board, and management), as well as for the needs of the municipality employees in a more detailed form.


Other outputs from IIPS include the identification of impacts of individual project proposals on the municipal budget, methodology for the preparation and implementation of European projects, specification of conditions for receiving of granting, as well as other recommendations and proposals for successful preparation and implementation of projects with support from EU funds.


Advantages of IIPS

The advantages of IIPS implementation can be seen in several areas:

  • Unified form of all the project proposals - unified project fiche.
  • Identification of project proposals other than the ones implemented so far in the project proposal database.
  • Organisation, clarification, and updating of the project proposal database including the discarding of already implemented and rejected proposals or proposals without the possibility of granting support.
  • Complex evaluation and assessment of municipal project proposals - technical preparedness, granting potential, recommendation for project adjustments, evaluation of presumptions and project risks, impacts on the municipal budget.
  • Clarification of the impacts of preparation and implementation of projects on the municipal budget - costs of projects as well as revenues in the form of granting including the identification of total co-financing by the municipality in individual years.
  • Substantially higher chance to get granting for projects and project proposals thanks to complex evaluation and assessment of project proposals including the recommendation for the adjustment of project proposals in order to facilitate the granting and increase the chance for getting it.
  • Baseline data for voted municipal bodies (Council, representatives) for decision-making on project support.
  • Saving of time and costs for municipality staff to set up and evaluate the project proposal database.

Outputs of IIPS from the individual "points" of implementation:


  IIPS phase

  Outputs of phase

Project idea database

  • Project idea database consisting from the already existing project proposal databank, as well as other identified or recommended project proposals.

Analysis of project proposals

  • Individual project proposals with the evaluation of:

  -   project proposal risks,

  -   technical preparedness of proposal,

  -   possibility for getting the grant,

  -   impact of proposal on the municipal budget (costs of proposal and expected granting),

  -   adjustments of proposal.

  • Specification of conditions for successful granting.
  • Linking of project proposals - time and logical.
  • List of all recommended and non-recommended project proposals (brief for the voted municipal bodies and in detail for the municipal departments).

Impacts on municipal budget

  • Graphic diagram of time discrepancy between the costs and expenses of project proposals in time and revenues represented by granting.
  • Detailed breakdown of costs and expenses for individual project proposals.
  • Total co-financing from part of municipality in individual years.
  • Identification of the risk of non-financing of projects or the threat of debt service indicator.
  • Models of financing for key project proposals.

Recommendations and proposals

  • General recommendations for the sphere of preparation and implementation of European projects.
  • Methodologies, directives, and instructions for the preparation of projects from EU funds.
  • Proposal of further standardised projects - especially in areas that are not covered by the created project proposal database or that are covered only partially.
  • Proposal of focus on other granting schemes outside the level of programmes identified for the support of recommended project proposals.