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Management Control

The economic health evaluation of local governments, their ability to meet its commitments, monitoring and assessment of performance management planning documents is an important part of the service, which has great benefits for municipalities. They may be based on the conclusions and recommendations to streamline its financial management through benchmarking indicators and compare their financial results with other cities.

  • Evaluation management
    An assessment of the municipalities is one of the most important activities in the budget year. Among other things, we assess the economic health of municipalities, which shall be based on short-and long-term economic evaluation.

  • Established organisations (economics of the established organisations)
    We assess and propose changes in the economic relations between the establishing entity and its established organisations. Attention is paid mainly to financial planning and management of the contributory organisations.

  • Benchmarking
    Using our internal software s and based on defined indicators we provide a comprehensive comparison of both local governments, as well as governmental organizations.

  • Management Audit
    Means review and evaluation of documents relating to the municipality management or established organizations. And both complete and selected areas of management. The purpose is to verify that the relevant documents contain correct information and are in line with reality.

  • Audit of cost-effectiveness
    The assessment of how the spending of budgetary expenditures of municipalities and their organizations in relation to fulfillment of the principle of effective and efficient management of public finances.

Jan Obrovský
Manager | Economy and Planning
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