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stopyThe AQE Brno, v.o.s. Corporation was established in 1991 with the aim to provide advisory services for the public sector, primarily in the sphere of environment. In early 1990's the corporation reacted to the needs of the public sector, which were determined by a dynamic political and economic development of the society.

Upon the experience of individual professionals working in the company a conceptual change of strategy followed in 1994. The main focus of the corporation became consultancy for the public sector, especially in economic management and planning of budgets.

Between 1994 and 2005 the corporation provided services to more than one thousand clients and developed its own software to control budgeting for the public sector - the FISO.

In 2005 the AQE advisors, s.r.o. Corporation was established that took over all the activities of AQE Brno, v.o.s. and gradually increased the market share and scope of services offered to the public sector.

In 2007 the corporation was transformed to a joint-stock company with the basic stock increased to 3 million CZK, which was determined by the need to provide for the sustainability of the strategy for future periods, as well as the need to create corporate governance reacting to the development of society. 

Year 2008 was characterised by an intensive evolution of the corporation with substantial investments in the development of new products and services, especially in the sphere of drawing grants from EU funds for the public sector and the implementation of Smart Administration. The corporation also established many national and international partnerships.