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About the company

AQE advisors, a. s. is an advisory corporation providing services mostly to subjects in the public sector. The main scope of the company activities focuses on the increasing of efficiency of state service and local governments.
About companyThe key activities include mainly:

  • advisory on drawing support from EU funds,
  • management of economics and budgeting in the public sphere,
  • strategic planning, regional development, and application of Smart Administration in the public service,
  • implementation of modern management methods,
  • etc.

AQE advisors a.s. issues from the activities of AQE Brno, v. o. s., which has been active in the field since 1994. Thanks to this we are able to provide our clients with continuity, experience, and a team of specialised experts. Since the establishment of our company, our services were used by over 1,500 clients from the public sector.

We strive for an intensive increasing of quality in the public service supported by the Government of the Czech Republic and the European Union. We provide our clients with full-range advisory services that include logical steps guiding and helping mainly towns and communities in their development.
We built on our experts' experience, issuing from active co-operation with clients. We are fully aware of the importance of mutual co-operation. Ideas and suggestions of our clients are always reflected and continuously included in our range of products and services in order to meet our clients' needs in terms of their subject and extent.

The experience and methods of our experts are regularly published in specialised periodicals, presented at numerous conferences and seminars, and form the basis of expert standard for many related activities.

The vision of the company is clearly declared in the values contained within our company name. This includes mainly the performance of highly expert advisory with high added value for the client. Thanks to the close relation between the advisor and the client the company feels very strongly committed in the performance of each job.