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“Methodology for determining the level of SA integration in public sector organisations”

Considering the structure of the jobs and assignments our corporation is dealing with - mostly implementation of policies related to the fulfilment of Smart Administration strategy - the AQE team has developed the "Methodology for determining the level of SA integration in public sector organisations" (AQE CONCEPT), which issues from the hierarchy of a pyramid of needs, when the identification of level and structure in the order of needs is crucial. This order is determined upon the definition of the minimal requirement on the functioning of the system and its higher level of maturity moves further until reaching the stage when the organisation defines the conditions in the efficiency management sphere and public sector quality as it gets over the commonly known level and begins to implement the innovated features.
On what activities can this methodology be applied?
  • Analysis of SA implementation level,
  • Defining of the minimal level of the planned measures focusing on SA,
  • Identification of further measures related to the implementation of SA,
  • Processing of internal and external strategic documents (SA is not just about internal efficiency).
The basic concept issues from the following pyramid when after reaching the required level of internal and external quality the new approaches and policies are developed:
Pyramid SA
For the purpose of implementing relevant outputs it is necessary to ensure suitable setting of the individual levels of the pyramid when these steps must be aligned in a clear order. The structure of the pyramid issues from the experience of the applicant, who identified the minimal and maximal level of SA implementation in the public sector organisation as well as the steps necessary to achieve their optimal relation, including the definition of a time schedule of their convenient initiation.
The main thing is that an organisation in the public sector, but actually all organisations in general, must have an initial basis upon which new services as well as new functions of the system may be built. 
Performance of analysis in relation to the implementation of the PYRAMID principle:
  1. Identification of minimal requirements for the functioning of the organisation and its further mission (material background, employees, legislation ...).
  2. Vision, mission, and strategy define the target situation where the organisation should be aiming; this is an intermediate step, which shows how to achieve the required situation - which steps must lead towards this situation.
  3. The level of fulfilment of the strategy goals vision through implementation of individual qualitative measures must also include the definition of partial hierarchic interrelation of the individual measures.
  4. Quality of services is understood as the paramount goal in relation to the need of anchoring the unified standard for the whole system or its part.
Besides the fact that the methodology is based primarily on the setting of a clear hierarchy of needs and degree of SA features integration, methodology uses common analytic tools such as comparative analysis, performance of questionnaire surveys, as well as local surveys in selected organisations.