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Pilot implementation of resource optimisation system at Znojmo municipal authority

The employees of AQE advisors, a.s. together with the representatives of Znojmo municipality, have prepared a project for the implementation of a pilot system focusing on the efficiency increase of resource management, which actually means the provision of a suitable combination of inputs (property, finance, people) and outputs (services provided by the private sector) - relation to AQE CONCEPT. This is an area that has been rather peripheral so far but it has a key role in the overall context of the public sector.
Municipal authorities tend to have long-term problems with property under their care, which is a problem perceived also by Znojmo municipality, which owns a lot of such property. However, due to old data the authority does not have updated information about the condition of this property (green areas, roads, street furniture, buildings and other property, equipment, etc). The above mentioned are reasons why the management of the town hall decided to deal with this issue efficiently and to find out the actual state in this area and to provide for higher efficiency in the applicability of the municipal property.
As the property represents only one of the resources the project deals also with the other resources - people (employees) and financial resources. The project therefore deals also with the optimisation of the utilisation of other resources through the performance of financial analyses and the processing of a competence model, which is to say whether the employees at the authority are allocated in accordance with their competence, whether their capacities are utilised efficiently, and whether the financial resources are expended correctly according to their designation. The project focuses on the increase of applicability of resources (capital, human, and material), which are in the property of the municipal authority of the town of Znojmo.

Through the project the following questions shall be addressed:

  • What property is available to the municipality for utilisation?
  • Which property is necessary and which can be sold or transferred under the care of another subject?
  • How to increase the utilization of employees and how to optimise their positions within the authority?
  • How to suitably handle the financial resources of the municipality?

A project of similar extent and focus has not been performed in the Czech Republic yet and it is very difficult to co-ordinate in terms of time as well as human resources and therefore the members of the implementation team will be under a strain having great responsibilities. The team shall consist of professionals and experts in the given area. A part of the activities to be performed will be supplied by an external contractor.

85 % of the project is co-financed from EU resources (support area 4.1 OPHRE) and the remaining costs will be covered from the municipal budget. However, according to preliminary analyses the assets will be many times greater, especially thanks to savings on the property management from the part of the municipality, as well as savings of the citizens who will be able to get updated information on the condition of the property they are using, hiring, or intending to hire. A lot of the unused property is not listed and therefore it is unclear what the ownership rights actually are - this is one of the problems that shall be mitigated during the project. Another of the reasons is the mapping of the power lines - during the project they will be mapped out in detail and everybody will be able to use this information e.g. when building or reconstructing a house.