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AQE Advisors´ Knowledge Databank – there is always a better solution

The AQE Advisors is aware of the need of improving their services, which is one of the reasons why the company has established an internal knowledge databank (as part of quality system implementation according to ISO 9001 and 10006), which has been developed since the AQE came into being. The internal knowledge databank is a part of the AQE concept, which basically means:

A: added value
Q: qualification
E: engagement

The internal knowledge databank aggregates procedures, methods and examples of bad as well as good practice gained during the fifteen years, for which AQE Advisors has been active in the consultancy market for the public sector; the databank is used by all employees when providing consultancy services and when dealing with orders in all areas of services provided.

The AQE Advisors internal knowledge databank is built on several basic pillars:

  1. Methodology - here are included methods and procedures, including internal manuals, as well as samples of various documents, questionnaires, etc.
  2. Examples of good and bad practice: identified models of good practice applicable across the public sector as well as in various types of institutions in public administration and municipal government; also examples of bad practice, which make it easier to identify problem areas and indicate potential problems. 
  3. Internal benchmarking - outputs of internal benchmarking of public administration organizations, including instituted allowance organizations and founded commercial organizations.

The knowledge databank makes it possible for AQE and their advisors and project managers:

  • To save time when making introductory analyses, opening examinations and SWOT analyses for public administration.
  • To follow a flexible procedure when implementing complex projects and orders;
  • To avoid mistakes and possible problems thanks to examples of good and bad practice.
  • To focus from the very beginning of order execution or providing consultancy on an optimum solution, while considering the client's specificity.
  • To provide verified solutions that have proved useful in practical applications and whose implementation has been as effective as possible.
  • To compare the situation or the proposed solution with organizations and institutions which rank among the best in their field.
  • To anticipate the client's needs even before they emerge.

On the whole, the knowledge databank makes it possible to keep the AQE Advisors motto: "A Better Solution".